Safety Do's & Don'ts

Safety Do's Safety Don'ts

Do read the instruction label on the FIBC

Don't exceed the SWL under any circumstances.

Do inspect re-usable FIBCs before refilling

Don't fill FIBCs unevenly.

Do check that the discharge spout is closed before filling

Don't stop or start suddenly during transportation.

 Do ensure that the filled FIBC is stable

Don't subject FIBCs to snatch lifts and/or jerk tops.

 Do close the top inlet correctly

Don't drag FIBCs 

Do use lifting gear of sufficient capacity to take the suspended load

Don't allow personnel under suspended FIBCs

Do adjust forklift tines to the correct width for the FIBC being handled

Don't allow FIBCs to project over the side of a vehicle or pallet.

 Do ensure that the crane hooks are of adequate size and well rounded

Don't withdraw forklift tines prior to relieving the entire load on the lifting devices.

 Do take appropriate measures in regard to dust control

Don't stack FIBCs unless sure of stability

 Do consider the possibility of static electricity hazards

Don't use FIBCs under new conditions without consulting the manufacturers.

 Do protect the FIBCs from rain and /or prolonged sunlight.

Don't use second hand FIBCs.

Do ensure that FIBCs are adequately secured in transportation.